Sunday, 29 March 2009

so yeah blogging...

Welcome to my blog,

The name's Nick, but you probably already figured that out. This is my first blog, so bear with me if things are a little off. Today I started work on to pieces, my portfolio has a definate lack of vignettes, sometimes called spot illustrations. So these should hopefully remedy this. The first is a traditional piece in acryllic, and the second is this:

A Behemoth of Final Fantasy fame (about 60% complete). Making a big purple dog moster look awesome is good practice, and so is making it fully in Photoshop. Acrylic is still my strong point, but diversity and flexibility seem to be the name of the freelancing game.

Sent my work to Catalyst Games, and got some really great feedback from AD Brent Evans. Great guy. It is always useful to get feedback from potential clients, or anyone who looks at your work with an different eye.

lets finish up with an image (see, its part of my cunning plan Audiance. I am slowly working my way into your subconcious, until the entire Interwebs is stuffed to the brim with Nick Egberts memes (the horror).

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