Friday, 31 July 2009


Howdy y'all,

As some of you have complained I have stopped updating the old blog, rest assured though weekly blogging will be comencing relatively soon. Basically Blogger and I dont see eye to eye on the matter of pictures. I cant seem to upload any clickable ones. Sure I can hyperlink and all that, but not clickable thumnails essentially. Unless I can figure it out soon, ill move this blog to an other provider (since showing of illos is sortof important to an artist..).

What I've been up to:

-I've entered the Artorder Vampire bnw contest, which was a great refresher in my Pen n Ink skills check out the result here
-I've entered the Artorder Earthquake Dragon contest, which resulted in some great feedback. Check out the result here
-I've entered the Artorder Drow vs Mindflayer Cover contest, the jury is still out on that one, but I face some serious competition. I am updating the piece to fit in my folio, but check out the version I entered here
-I am toying with Deviant Art's new portfolio option, check it out here
-I finally received some price enquiries from a couple of companies, one a pretty sizeable contender. Hope it all works out, I am enthused as hell.
-Finished a couple of personal comissions, brought in some nice bucks. I'll upload 'em when I have the time, al in traditional media, so they need a 'lil digital love, before they are presentable.
-Started a semi-weekly sketchbook on my DA page, finished two so far check em out here

see all of you nice folks next week ;-)

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