Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Hello and welcome stranger,

Sometimes its hard to be productive. Last Monday I spent half a working day figuring out how to make an animated gif, so I can make my deviantart avatar blink... yes very useful, and time well spent indeed. You can impressed by all the blinking glory on my DA page. I also finshed this:
of which I am quite fond. I also finished this:

Currently though i am working on some Black n White stuff for my friends at Telsukita.
Its a great fanzine, from Spain. Normally I am not to big on working for fanzines, but my folio desperately needed some bnw pieces, and they are mates, so what can you do? Expect these in a month or so when the mag is printed.

Also working on the 2.0 version of my website, but its slow going. Webdesign was never my forté.



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