Friday, 12 June 2009

Ralph, Keith and practice

Welcome back Internet people,

You know, writing e-mails is pretty hard work in my humble opinion, well enquiry e-mails at least. I have inmense trouble with gauging how i come across in text. Certainly because of the language barrier (i hail from the Netherlands). I like to think i can hold up a decent conversation in English, I also worked in the UK for a stint, which helps, but with written communication you just never know. With converstations, you can check people's bodylanguage for understanding and their pitch for their general mood. Maybe i should invest in a course in written English or something.
What is also causing me slight trouble is the fact that i am still unpublished, and quite unsure to try and hide it, or mention it clear in the initial email traffic. My gut feeling is stating it loud n clear, but when putting such bold thoughts to digital paper, It always seems to come out wrong. To AD's (or artists) reading this: any pointers are greatly apreciated. My own pointer to starting artists: Never send out emails at 2 am, tired over enthusiastic artist make stupid mistakes. I made a very emberassing one, that may well haunt me for a couple of years.

You'll be pleased to know that the ranting stops from this point onwards:

I have put some projects on hold (dont worry if you are a paying client this wont affect yoursI have far to little of you to start cancelling on ye) to practice my hybrid skills. Like I yapped about before, combining acryllic/watercolou paintings with digital overpainting seems to really be my schtick. The eventual goal is to create a method of painting that I am comfortable with, has the smoothness to apeal to a widerange of audiances but the texture and weight of a traditional painting. In effect using photoshop to speed up the difficlut elements of my beloved acrylic paintings.
Pictured below is a new version of a painting I did two years before, and below that it´s previous incarnation.

Various elements have changed as ye can see. I fixed the right arm becuase it looked like a club, I also changed the size and rendering of the wisps, mixing up the sizes to create more depth. This ofcourse has nothing to do with digital painting, I should have gotten it right the first time round. The lighting has become a whole lot more dramatic ofcourse, something i feel I can achieve a whole lot faster and better in photoshop. As a quick test it was more effective than I initially expected... I expect more tests like these in the future. Have to give a shout out to Ralph Horsley, I really like his aproach to acrylic painting, enough that I must be careful not to copy him...

I also talked about emulating Keith Thompson´s style as practice. This is the result:

I dont like the resulting rendering too much. I did learn quite a few things about layers, and what you can achieve with areally tight pencil phase, as opposed to my customary loose scribbles. I did like the design of the bot, something I would have scrapped as too odd, if I never came across Keith´s work. He truly demonstrates the beauty of odd designs.
I have one last self plug. I plan to something for this compo. Hope I can get it finished. So if you are a member of the community, and you like my entry, why not vote for me?

catch you all next time.
p.s. Never the one to indulge in self promotion: Nick Egberts is looking for new clients. You can find samples of his work on and . If you are interested feel free to send him an email at
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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Dear Internet people,

Well I am back, Edinburgh was, well, awesome. We stayed at a hotel on Waterloo Place, which right beside Old Town and within striking distance of the cities manyfold tourist sights which include: a vulcano in the center of the town, underground tunnels/ruins, a plethora of churches and some creepy graveyards... All in all very inspiring.
I have finished some more artorder contest pieces. I am going to take a small break from the compos for a small comission, and because I am busy wrapping up the paperwork side of starting up a business. Also I shall start a second marketing push, and I shall be sending many e-mails to unsuspecting (and a couple of suspecting) Art Directors (this is a subliminal message: hire Nick hire Nick hire Nick.). What was that? I dont know what you mean..... Hire nick

Still busy on the big piece, I talked about a couple of weeks ago. Almost ready to share some tasters with you guys. I am also busy studying the art of Keith Thompson. Visionary stuff, and his method seems very efficient, and is widely documented in a wide range of articles, dvd's and books.
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