Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Dear Internet people,

Well I am back, Edinburgh was, well, awesome. We stayed at a hotel on Waterloo Place, which right beside Old Town and within striking distance of the cities manyfold tourist sights which include: a vulcano in the center of the town, underground tunnels/ruins, a plethora of churches and some creepy graveyards... All in all very inspiring.
I have finished some more artorder contest pieces. I am going to take a small break from the compos for a small comission, and because I am busy wrapping up the paperwork side of starting up a business. Also I shall start a second marketing push, and I shall be sending many e-mails to unsuspecting (and a couple of suspecting) Art Directors (this is a subliminal message: hire Nick hire Nick hire Nick.). What was that? I dont know what you mean..... Hire nick

Still busy on the big piece, I talked about a couple of weeks ago. Almost ready to share some tasters with you guys. I am also busy studying the art of Keith Thompson. Visionary stuff, and his method seems very efficient, and is widely documented in a wide range of articles, dvd's and books.
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  1. Keith Thompson is unbelievably good, but I can't use his method :D - it's too time consuming for me.
    Also I watched one of his DVDs and it was boring, because he didn't speed it up. It was just painfully slow. But his art is awesome.

    Anyway, did you stalk Jon Hodgson? ;)

    Also, HIRE NICK!

  2. yeah hes cetainly something. I just uploaded my first excercize on my deviant page. It does take soem time, but the method is quiet a clean/neat approach and relies on tight pencils, which makes it great practice for me. (because i am a loose and sloopy kinda guy)

    I was tempted, but the wife wasn't going for it...