Friday, 3 April 2009

Ego Chippin'

Why welcome Audiance! Back for more eh?
Buisiness cards are really cheap these days. Hurray for the Interwebs I must say. Its like €20,- for 250 quality cards printed on decent stock. Conversely (and bizarely in my mind) stationary is really friggin expensive. The looong trek to freelance super (duper) stardom is filed with surprises apperantly. I mean its like paper with you adress n logo printed on it...

I also sent out a couple of enquiries to Paizo and Green Ronin, both companies that make awesome products. I have to admit though, starting things was never really my forté. Writing to people you never met, asking for a gig scary stuff.... I am also afraid this uncertainty shines through. There is no sense in shying away though, and the only way to de-sensitize my self is to keep at it!

I finished the piece I talked about last time:

and another from the folio:

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