Saturday, 18 April 2009

the lure of the digital.

Hello and welcome back!

I like to paint. I really, really like to paint. I like measuring and cutting the artboard. I like to smother said artboard in gesso. Most of all, I like to take a huge brush and start blocking in color.
There is really quite something soothing and meditative about the process, especially so the first couple of hours you spent on a painting.

In stark contrast with this delightful zen state is the startup fase of digital painting, I dont find this relaxing one bit. Waiting for programs to boot. Checking your mail because your neurotic and since you are behind your pc anyway. Rearanging the keyboard, tablet and such, so they just right.

Before this is perceived as a rant, let me explain further.

Lately as my digital skill is catching up to my traditional, I keep finding reasons to paint digital instead of traditional. My subconcious will trow up hurdles like: "Lighting effects are much easier in phothjoshop" or "this concept needs to be finished on sunday, digital can get you there much faster". I think is the logical part of my brain, and it seem to be at war with the rest of me. And its actually winning (it must has huge tanks) ,a first I must say. Probably the result of me perceiving painting and drawing as a possible means of providing for the family. Scary isn't it?

What sparked all this reflection on brainwar was this picture:
Which I have since turned into this:

As you can see, the beginnings of colour on the first version is almost an excuse for paint. Like the dabs of pigment are imbaressed to be there, the whiteness of the paper mocking it for its unconvincing appearance. I really sped to go digital here, and I cant specifially explain why. The piece turned out the better for it as well. Dare I say it, I even enjoyed painting it. Maybe the oddness of painting digital does wear off...

have a verry nice weekend nice Interweb people, and until next time.



p.s. If you want better resolution on the images or just take a stroll through my digital galleries check out, well, my digital gallery...

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