Friday, 24 April 2009

interweb haunts

Dear Interwebs,

Don't you just love those concept art challenges that seem to be all the rage these days? I certainly do. They really help you to gauge the comepetition, and help you deliver on time. If you are unpublished, like me, it is also a great way to raise your profile a bit.

Most famous are the ones on and

A while back the good people at forums have pointed me in the direction of Jon Schindehette's excellent Artorder blog . Jon is an AD at Wizards of the coast, and he host a concept competition every Tuesday. This is what I made for the compo last time:

This weeks assignment comes with an extra incentive to apply your self: a comssion for Dragon magazine. The assignment is to turn the cute boll weevil (a bug of some esteem) in a 15 feet monster.... This is what I have so far(subject to change):

tons of enjoyment was had on this piece, painting gross bugs is always fun. Even more fun was had when I explained the critterd to my darling wife: "It sends its throbbing tentacles through the window. Grasping around until it feels a warm limb. It then yanks the screaming unfortunate out of its bead. If its hungry, it might at this point bite of a limp and devour it on the spot. Then it incapsulates the still living victim in glowing mucus to slowly suffocate. The victims share a dual role as tasty snack and ballast"..... Its usually just after these episodes, that my better half suggests a vase with flowers for my next painting....

until next time.



p.s. If you want better resolution on the images or just take a stroll through my digital galleries check out, well, my digital gallery...

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