Friday, 10 April 2009


Well hello and welcome back Audiance!

People often ask about my painting process, while certainly nothing special, it seems to phase some.

Like a lot of people I start my paintings with a pencil. After a couple of thumbnails, I start my final (really detailed) pencil on paper or artboard. On paper when I intend to take it quickly to digital, and artboard when doing backgrounds, or when I am just doing digital effects. After I either scan it in or have it photographed, I usually finish the piece in Photoshop.
The idea behind this is, that I start in my comfort zone; traditional paint (usually acrylic) and try to take advantage of the texture 'n life that is easily obtained in this way. I then finish up digitally so that the image that winds up on my screen is the image I intended. There is nothing quite as irritating as to spend hours painting some magical effect or subtle watercolor effect, only to have it anihilated by the digitising process. So i guess you can kinda describe me as a control freak....

an example:
The first image is exactly how it came out of my scanner, though i've cropped it and ajusted the levels. The second image is the finished version. I handled the subtle lighting colour balancing digitally because afore mentioned control issues. I also cut up the original and stuck it back together slighty different; the torso is pulled back a bit, I tilted the head a bit, and changed the legs a bit. Finally added foreground ellements and reworked the face, so it doesn't look like plastic. A bigger version of this piece can be found here.

sketches of the day:
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